I feel like my voice is stuck in my throat. I hate my voice. I was told I need to work on my voice. I feel disconnected from my body when I speak. I have no "control" over my voice.  I have to talk all day for work and my throat hurts by the end of the day. When I'm acting, and I have to shout or scream, it hurts my throat.

Nobody listens to me.....

These are just some of the reasons people seek vocal coaching, and they can be fraught with emotion. After all, your voice is an integral part of you--not just how you sound, but how you express yourself.

I use Fitzmaurice Voicework® to help you explore what might be inhibiting your full range of expression, to help you integrate your body and voice as one instrument, and to help you discover a new relationship with your voice.  We do this through a process called "De-Structuring" (like deconstructing...). This uses bioenergetic tremorwork and modified yoga positions to free you from breathing and vocal patterns that have become unhelpful habits, then re-introduces you to your authentic voice, the true expression of your thoughts and feelings. 

I then introduce "Re-Structuring" as an efficient way to breathe your thoughts by opening the lowest ribs, and express them vocally by engaging the transverse abdominal muscle (the core muscle). Re-Structuring is more than "vocal support" and far beyond "technique." It is a way to speak from the whole you, the very depth of you, in an efficient, authentic, and engaging way. This is the "control" that everyone seeks. A control that is not about beating your instrument into submission, but about managing it in a free and focused way. 

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