Andrea, I just got the call that I booked one of the Swissair attendants in ARGO! Yay!!! We did it!!! They loved the accent, said to keep it just the same as how I did it in the audition. Thank you so much for your help.
— Annie Little, actress

Some people have what we call "an ear" for speech sounds and are natural mimics. Good for them! I'm one of those people too. However, sometimes even my ear can't quite tell my mouth how to reproduce a sound I hear. That's where understanding the physicality of sound is useful, almost like learning new choreography in your mouth. I work with actually feeling, experiencing sounds, so that even if you're not a mimic, you can place your tongue where it needs to be in order to make the sound used in another language, dialect or accent.  You learn to make the shape, not the sound, so even if you can't hear the sound--you can feel the sound. Sound good? 

Curious about all of the shapes and sounds of human language? Here is an interactive International Phonetic Alphabet. 

I provide speech/dialect coaching for individuals and entire theatrical casts, either in person or via Skype for individuals if more convenient. Sessions can be recorded for the client's benefit and if necessary, supplemental materials are provided for additional information. 

Theatre Companies / Theaters I have provided coaching for include:

A Noise Within / The Geffen Playhouse / The Road Theatre Company / The Rogue Machine Theatre / The Lower Depth Theatre Ensemble / The Odyssey Theatre / The Antaeus Theatre Company / Ghost Road Theatre Company / The Group Rep / Sea Glass Theatre Company / The 24th Street Theatre / Long Beach Playhouse / USC School of Dramatic Arts / Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles